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The UK Permanent and Self-Employed Database -PSED -

To access the Database please follow the link below.

If you haven't registered to the UK's Permanent and Self-Employed Database -PSED -  register here now! 

As we are constantly trying to improve the service we are providing, If you have any suggestions, please email us at Thank you. Next month, along with the VAT registration, monthly membership options will be made available for every database.

This database has the purpose of connecting everyone looking for a job in the construction industry, with the construction companies or recruitment agencies that are looking to fill in their open positions or supplement their existing workforce.

The recruitment process is made easy and everyone that supplies their details to us agrees to be contacted by 3rd parties such as Construction Companies or Recruitment agencies to offer them an interview or job.

To increase your chances beyond the traditional recruitment process, if you are looking for a job sign up for our database and let the construction companies and recruitment agencies contact you for local positions.

The Construction Industry is constantly expanding and all the employers within this industry will always look to hire, replace or supplement their current workforce.


This process can be very lengthy and not all the construction companies use recruitment agencies.

What if, instead of spending time posting job adverts and getting a lot of applications with no relevant experience, losing precious time, a database was created where you can filter the location, the trade, the experience and the rates or salaries of the self-employed or permanently employed and you can contact them directly.

What if, the recruitment agencies or construction companies instead of spending days advertising, going through CV's with no relevant experience, they have a document where they can contact the exact trades they require with the relevant experience they require.

No more what if.

We have now created the UK Permanent and Self-Employed Database that targets all the trades within the construction industry.

Every Permanent and Self Employed that is currently looking for a job signs up for a full month and we update this database at least twice during the period ensuring an up to date database. So make sure you come and check the updated database regularly especially on the 1st and the 15th of each month.

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Recruitment database

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If you haven't registered to the UK's Permanent and Self-Employed Database -PSED -  register here now!

As we are constantly trying to improve the service we are providing, If you have any suggestions, please email Thank you. To learn more abour the recruitment process you can read on wikipedia or search for more information on google.