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Estimators that estimate the real costs for your company.

Every estimate is unique as every project carries its own risk and opportunity and The Estimating Group will assist with cost estimation for every construction project based in the UK.

We can work from sketches, and we can do the take-off very fast and accurate using our taking off software. Afterwards, we will do the pricing with bespoke rates created for the company to reflect their actual costs with the assistance of Conquest Estimating Software or by going out to subcontractor for fix prices depending on the situation.

Samples of pages from Bills of Quantities and Other Documents

When you price a job, you need to avoid the pitfalls of rushing the take-off process and the cost estimation, just to get the tender in, as this could become a costly disaster for your company. You always must double-check your work before submitting the final estimate to the client. Our cost consultants won’t rush the cost estimation process and won’t cut corners.
Everyone knows that when preparing a cost estimate, the process is lengthy if done correctly. Our Cost Estimator can help you manage the tendering process so your estimating department can focus on other enquiries or, so you can focus on growing and developing your business. 
We have extensive experience for both Estimating and Quantity Surveying on construction and civil projects starting from £50,000 up to £25,000,000. 
Whenever we price a job, we do our due diligence before submitting it to our client. Our Freelance Estimators are thorough by nature as every cost consultant should be. Price work can be easy if you have the right knowledge and the right tools at your disposal. 
We are flexible in our approach, and you can outsource any estimating requirements to us. Our Cost consultants will prepare the estimate for your approval, and we would go through an online adjudication meeting before submitting the final cost estimate to yourselves.
When pricing a job, if the tender package contains an existing document to price, if you would like us to check the quantities on the Bill of Quantities or the construction schedule of works, we would be happy to assist. We offer estimation services for everyone in the construction industry. When providing Estimating services for builders, we can create a Builders schedule of works as opposed to an incredibly detailed Bill of Quantities or a Construction schedule of works. 

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Our Experts will always create a detailed schedule of labour, plant and material to accompany the estimate. This will be the cost estimate summary of the job resources used for the cost estimation process.

All the Notes and assumptions that the construction estimator or cost consultant has used in the cost estimation process as well as And all of the exclusions that we had to make to reduce the risk on the project will be found at the bottom of the Bill of Quantities or the Construction Schedule of works.

The construction estimator will normally provide the final document of the cost estimate in an excel as well as a pdf document.

Depending on the location of the project and the site conditions, our cost consultants sometimes might request photos to assist them with the price work.

We would typically exclude the preliminary costs from our Bills of quantities as most construction, and civil companies like to use their own templates to assess the preliminaries, but on request, we can create or assist you with these costs. Our Building Estimators can assist Subcontractors, Builders, Main Contractors, Developers, Architects, as well as any Freelance Estimators or cost consultants in the construction industry with estimation services. Outsource your estimation or estimating services to us.

Whenever you must price a job bear in mind that rushing the cost estimate can be costly. That is why we are looking forward to providing you with quality estimating services and price work that you deserve. Contact us now to discuss your estimating requirements.

General information Estimating services

The building estimator in construction is an individual that quantify the required resources such as labour, plant and material that are needed to complete a construction project and analyses quotes that are received from different sub-contractors and suppliers. Building cost estimating can concern diverse forms of construction from residential properties to hi-rise and civil works.

Our experts can through estimating services to produce bills of quantities, schedules of works and cost plans based on drawings, specifications, and any other tender documents provided by the client.

Contact us to discuss your estimating requirements.

  Common mistakes in the bill of quantities are:

· Inaccurate measurement of quantities.

· Insufficient information is given in the descriptions

· The inclusion of irrelevant preliminary items

· Omissions and discrepancies between the BOQ and the     drawings or specifications

· The omission of temporary works items.

· Omissions or double counting of items

· Incorrect understanding of the work method.

· Past performance used to assume future productivity.

· Mistakes arriving from the inexperience of the cost estimator.

· Ignoring the relationship between items of work.

· Inaccurate assumptions regarding items in the BOQ.

· Arithmetic errors.

· Differences in currencies not considered.

For more general information on Estimate you can read on Wikipedia or search for more information on google.

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